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Randy Taylor
Randy Taylor

With the Oxford School District since 2011.


  • B.A. in Biology, The University of Mississippi
  • B.A. in Psychology, The University of Mississippi
  • M.A. in Education with emphasis in Curriculum & Instruction, The University of Mississippi


  • Biology, 7-12; OLC 2013 Teacher of the Year


"I will help you the most when you are ready to help yourself."
"Why help to bring each other down, when we all can be happy lifting each other up?" 

“No one can be successful without the help of someone else!”

“Everyone should try to work together for the success of all.”


The world is filled with wonder and mystery. With the right scientific background, some of those mysteries can be understood and exciting new wonders can be both created and discovered.  
****  Let's Work Together to Discover and Enjoy the Great Wonders of the Universe ****
Einstein-Rosen Bridge also known as a Wormhole 
 File:Wormhole Moving.gifFile:Wormhole Moving.gif
                       Interacting Spiral Galaxies
     Interacting Spiral Galaxies NGC 2207 and IC 2163                                                 
      Stephan's Quintet
                                Stephan's Quintet                     

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