Oxford School District
School Board Policies

Professional Staff Development

Code: GAD
Adopted: February 17, 1986
Revision: 8/25/97, 7/01/02

The Oxford School District, in accordance with Mississippi Public School Accountability Standards and the Mississippi Professional Development Model, will plan and implement a professional development model for the purpose of continuous improvement of student learning and performance. 

The Oxford School District professional development program will be designed and implemented based on the following constructs:

  1. Purpose
    The purpose of the program is to improve student learning and performance.
  2. Planning for professional development is a collaborative process that involves the school Board, administration, teaching/student support staff and representatives of the lay community.
  3. Program goals reflect a shared vision for improving student learning and performance as demonstrated by objective data, such as that provided by the Mississippi Assessment System.
  4. Program Design
    The program provides time and structure for demonstration, practice, reflection, and sharing.  Planned activities include a variety of learning opportunities to enhance individual growth and organizational improvement.
  5. Participation
    All district personnel participate in the professional development program.   
  6. Administrative Support
    The program is supported by time, resources, and personnel.
  7. Evaluation
    The program is evaluated annually for improvements in practice and performance.

Successful completion of the approved professional development program will be a consideration in continued employment in the Oxford School District.  The OSD Professional Development plan is a participatory plan based on a process, rather than a plan that is based strictly on attendance. To fulfill the contractual obligation, every professional employee will participate.  Participation/
attendance will be monitored by the Professional Development Coordinator.

The administrative team reserves the right to assign special projects during this time.

All professional development activities will be focused on the Oxford School District’s mission and the goals and objectives adopted by the Oxford Board of Trustees.

The mission of the Oxford School District is to challenge every student to reach his or her maximum potential, thereby
developing highly educated, responsible, college or career ready citizens who will take an active role in society.