Oxford School District
School Board Policies

Public Commendations and Complaints Regarding Employees

Code: GAEA
Adopted: July 1, 2002

The Board encourages citizens to communicate directly with members of individual school staffs and with district-level personnel on matters pertaining to the operation of the public schools.  General comments, questions or concerns about the district can be directed to the Superintendent’s office at 224 Bramlett Boulevard or to an individual school office if the matter concerns a particular school.  Both commendations and constructive criticisms are welcomed by the Board and should serve to keep communications open between the schools and the citizens of the community.

When commendations are received by the administration concerning specific schools or employees, the commendation will be shared appropriately with staff, i.e., personal contact, note, media release, etc.   When complaints about district employees are received, the Board believes that they should be handled fairly and with concern for the rights of the people involved.  Every effort should be made to resolve a complaint initially with the person who is directly involved in the matter resulting in the complaint.  Complaints unresolved at the building level may be referred to the Superintendent.

Matters not resolved at the Superintendent level may be referred to the Board of Trustees.  All matters involving complaints against employees will be heard in Executive Session.

The mission of the Oxford School District is to challenge every student to reach his or her maximum potential, thereby
developing highly educated, responsible, college or career ready citizens who will take an active role in society.