Oxford School District
School Board Policies

Reduction in Professional Staff Work Force Policy

Code: GBKA
Adopted: March 26, 2001
Revision: 7/1/02, 3/29/10

The Board of Trustees of the Oxford School District has the responsibility for providing and maintaining quality schools within the district.  In order to carry out its responsibility, the board may:

  1. abolish or combine job positions;
  2. reduce the length of the work year with a concomitant reduction in salary (the same to be in no event less than 187 days per contract year or the minimum as allowed by law);
  3. reduce administrative supplements; and/or
  4. reduce the number of employees.


Initially, staff reduction will be accomplished by attrition when possible.

When reducing the number of licensed employees, the board will take into account the following reasons for such reduction in force:

  1. 1.    Enrollment declines;
  2. Financial decline/reduction;
  3. Educational program(s) elimination; and/or
  4. Priority need for human, material and financial resources.

The primary objective of the board when reducing the work force will be the maintenance of a fair and balanced educational program consistent with the needs of the students and the functions and responsibilities of the school district.  When deciding reduction in force, the board will consider the following factors, not necessarily in the order listed:

  1. Criticality of the position to the mission, goals, and objectives of the school district;
  2. Subject area(s) and advanced degrees by certification;
  3. Experience, professional training, length of service within the district and work assignment;
  4. Quality of performance including the proven ability to accomplish the educational mission of the school district;
  5. Executive ability;
  6. Employee attendance and discipline history; and/or
  7. Skills and licensure in the area(s) where the district has instructional and/or supervisory needs


The mission of the Oxford School District is to challenge every student to reach his or her maximum potential, thereby
developing highly educated, responsible, college or career ready citizens who will take an active role in society.