Oxford School District
School Board Policies

Employment, Retention, and Release of Certified Personnel

Code: GBN
Adopted: July 1, 2002
Revision: 2/19/09

Recommendation for Continuation of Employment

A report of the Superintendent’s decision regarding recommendations for continuation of employment will be presented to the Board of Trustees on or before the following dates:

  1. For principals, on or before March 1
  2. For teachers, administrators or other professional educators covered under Mississippi Code Section 37-9-101 through Section 37-9-113, on or before April 15, or within ten (10) days after the date that the Governor approves the appropriation bills(s) comprising the state’s education budget for funding K-12, whichever date is later.

Non-renewal Procedure

The district will follow non-renewal procedures as dictated by Mississippi Code Section 37-9-101.

Dismissal Procedure

The district will follow dismissal and removal procedures as dictated by Mississippi Code Section 37-9-59.

The mission of the Oxford School District is to challenge every student to reach his or her maximum potential, thereby
developing highly educated, responsible, college or career ready citizens who will take an active role in society.