Oxford School District
School Board Policies

Substitute Teachers

Code: GBRJ
Adopted: August 5, 1980
Revision: 7/1/02, 10/23/06

It will be the responsibility of the principal or his designee to secure a qualified substitute when a teacher is absent. When possible, a substitute will be selected from the same subject area or grade placement.  It will be the responsibility of the teacher to leave detailed lesson plans for the substitute.

Substitutes for teachers must have a valid Mississippi educator’s license, four-year college degree or be enrolled as a junior or senior in college majoring in education or in an academic area related to the area of the vacancy.

A substitute must have a completed application on file, as well as the background check and fingerprinting process completed.

The mission of the Oxford School District is to challenge every student to reach his or her maximum potential, thereby
developing highly educated, responsible, college or career ready citizens who will take an active role in society.